Real-time Fault Diagnosis for Self-Driving Vehicles

The proposed work will provide real-time diagnosis of transient, intermittent, and permanent faults that occur in a self-driving car. This analysis will substantially improve the performance and accuracy of fault classification/identification in complex systems. Multi-perspective error detection techniques, including discrete-event system analysis, data-driven analysis, and chip-level analysis, will be combined to diagnose faults in automotive systems. 


Cultivating and Developing your STEM Identity through a hybrid model of Engagement to Adolescent Girls

The STEM workforce has a disparity in gender and of historically disenfranchised
groups. In partnership with the Pitt County Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta
Sorority, Inc. (PCACDST), we hope to serve as change agents for their Delta Academy
program (PCACDST) by investigating the perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors of
adolescent girls and by instilling confidence for the curation and developed on a STEM
identity (i.e., SIY, STEM-It-Yourself).


Virtual Support for Black Women Living Positively

Research has consistently shown that medication adherence is influenced by the presence and
management of stress. The relationship between high-levels of stress and health is particularly
problematic for racial minorities and persons who live with a chronic condition. Black, African-American
women living with HIV are especially vulnerable. This vulnerability has likely increased during the
COVID-19 pandemic and concurrent racial traumas. We believe that the creation of sustainable
web-based safe spaces are key intervention tools in reducing stress, combating loneliness, and increasing
adherence among Black, African-American women living with HIV. SOH aims to create a
custom-designed and cultural tailored website that will virtually offer: (1) support groups, titled, SOH
Time; (2) opportunities to connect and engage with experts on HIV and the health of Black,
African-American women; and (3) adherence tracking support.